Friday, August 20, 2010

How do you tell a girl politely to back off your guy?

so this girl that kinda my friend keeps like flirting with my boyfriend like she always compliments him and makes googly eyes at him (lolz googly) and she always glares at me when me and him are holding hands and cuddling and whatnot the good thing is my boyfriend doesnt notice haha but i do dammit! haha its getting kind of annoying like i dont want to be mean to her but its starting to get on my nervesHow do you tell a girl politely to back off your guy?
Look he YOUR boyfriend. She should respect that, and she's not. That gives you the right to be a little mean. I know how you feel though, sometimes it's tough to tell someone to back off, but you can't put up with this Talk to her reasonably and calmly, and tell her to kindly stop flirting with your boyfriend. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE HIGHER ROAD AND DO NOT GET ANGRY AT HER. Unless she persists flirting with him even after you have asked her to stop. Then get mad all you want.How do you tell a girl politely to back off your guy?
Next time she is flirting with your man jokingly say somethink like ';you're not trying to take my boyfriend are you?'; she will get the hint, and probably will be too embarrassed to say much back. I saw a girl do this once...with the right body language and tone of voice it worked....
If theres away keep her and him away from each other like dont invite him if shes going to be there or don't invite her if hes there so that way you can be stress free cus it seems like shes mad she prob just needs a man

just say hey look stop trying to get with my boyfriend. hes my boyfriend. so if u could back off that would b nice. then say thanks for listening to me and walk away

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