Friday, August 20, 2010

My boyfriend is sick?

my boyfriend isnt always the most affectionate and can be a bit moody at times.

unfortunately those qualities highten wen hes sick. wen hes sick he dosnt want me to touch him or hug him or anything and he gets mad if i try to rub his back or cuddle with him or somthing.

but if i wer sick i would love it if he wud cuddle with me or rub my back or somthing.

so i dont kno how else to help him.

he refuses to let me come over and make him soup or anything too.

but he says he still wants to see me wen hes sick.

i feel bad that im just sitting there with him wen hes sick and not doing anything about it to help him.

im just wondering what people would suggest to do with sumbody whos is sick who wont let me touch them or take care of them or anything.

and i kno your probly thinking '; well if he dosnt want u to touch him or take care of him then just leave him alone'; but the thing is he complains and complains about beeing sick so it makes me feel bad.

so wut do i do???My boyfriend is sick?
Find a boyfriend that's not such a whiny ******!My boyfriend is sick?
Do the other things...

Ask him if he is hungry or needs a refreshment. Attempt to make him comfy like new blanket, or hot towel or pillow. Grabbing any medicine(s) or medications he needs throughout his day. The little other things that he may feel more appreciated having you around to take care of him and for that you should feel a little more better.
he doesnt want to get yu sick...and he may have swine flu.or h1n1

look it up if yu dont know what is....cuz i live where its going around and everyone is dying from him so i would be happy if he stayed away.

(and no i live in the USA NOT MEXICO)
well wen some people are sick their skin gets ache and it hurts for anyone to touch them! dont worry he loves you hes just sick and it hurts! ((i know was sick yesterday)) Hope your bf feels better
leave him alone. Maybe he doesn't love you back

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