Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What do you LOVE about your significant other?

I love my boyfriend SO much! I love everything about him, he is so damn sexy, and he is so sweet to me. He suprised me and took my to Chigaco for my 21st birthday! I also love how he loves to cuddle with me when we watch movies. What are some of the things you LOVE about your sifnificant other?What do you LOVE about your significant other?
ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is just the love of my life. We have been together for 5 years and some........... and I still get butterflies on my stomack every time I see him. I thank God and Life for giving me someone like my husband to be by my side...................I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!What do you LOVE about your significant other?
I love that he knows I can only eat with the small forks and spoons out of the silverwear set. I love that he'll eat the extra cookie out of the Oreo container so that the three columns all match. I love that he doesn't mind that I have special hangers for my clothes, and saves them just for me instead of using them for himself. He knows and loves my OC quirks. I can't imagine anyone else accepting these intimate details.
His passion!!!!!!!! He loves surfing, loves God, his family, football, and he loves me, even in the morning when he rolls over looks at me tells me good morning and neither one of us care about the others bad breath!
His heart, his smile, his eyes, they way they light up when he sees me, his touch..after being with him 11 years it's still magic..his sense of humor, cheesy as it may be I still love it!!! He's my lover,my soul mate, I will never in a thousand life times meet anyone who would even come close to him.

Very good question BTW, thank you!!
I have been with my husband for 12 years. I would have to say what I love the most about my husband is how he is a GREAT father to our 2 beautiful girls!
I love his compassion and that he loves me :)
I love that he can always cheer me up even when I am having the worst of days. I also admire how intellegent, mature and sweet he is. We have been dating for five and a half years (since we were in high school) and have become best friends, so we are never afraid to talk about anything with eachother. It is great knowing that we don't have to hide anything and can just be ourselves in front of eachother!
he is understanding and sweet and sexy. and willing to learn new things and want to make the most of our lives
The way he makes me feels so damn secure.
I love everything about my husband. There are some things that drive me crazy but I still love everything about him. I really love how he comes through for me when I really need him.
I love the way he loves me...
i love his gorgeous smile, i love how patient he is with me, i love how he takes care of me, i love his personality, i think i just love EVERYTHING about him!!!
I love it when we talk together. I love it that he never yells at me and we can sit down and talk about things to mutualy resove stuff. I love making love with him he makes me feel complete and like a real woman. I love it when he plays his guitar and we sing songs togather. I love going to church with him and I love praying with him. I love it when he is not afraid to show his tenderside and i love it when he helps me with the housework on his days off. I love the way he took care of me when i was really sick and even washed my undies by hand.( i was embarrased but it was a nice thing to do)I love it when he cooks a special meal for me or gives me roses. I love looking at him and at his picture when we are apart. I love his kisses and even when there over the phone. it's too cute!!! I love watching him play and I love watching him work. I love him for loveing me and I love him for being his self.

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