Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to get your bf in bed?

This may not be a stereotypical question. It's probably totally opposite. But I'm struggling with my boyfriend and having sex with him. He just wants to cuddle and just hold me all the time. Is that stereotype of men being horny all the time just a myth?How to get your bf in bed?
..Jump him.I'm serious too. Just flat out force yourself on him. If that doesn't work then I don't know what the heck will.How to get your bf in bed?
I don't have a gf, but if I have a gf and I don't want to have sex but just touching her, then it will largely due to the fact that I have a keloid scar on the left side of my lower waist that I am scare to take off my underwear and show her.

He might have the similar thing or not. But if u don't care, the best thing is to be aggressive and jump on top of him and start kissing and take off his clothes.
well i have the opposite problem i cant get my gf to have sex with me, but that is a very common situation. I dont mind waiting till she is ready however.
I do like it when a man loves to cuddle %26amp; snuggle %26amp; holds me.

But it would bother me too if he wasn't interested in love making.
maybe he likes you for more than sex obviously or he just doesn't have a strong sex drive or could be in the closet
Dump him and go for me.
Maybe he is not interested?
You my friend have a gf
depends on how old he is or how gay...

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