Monday, August 9, 2010

How to tell your boyfriend you to cuddle him?

well me and my boyfriend together for a couple of years before then we brake we are back together and i think we should cuddle...he tells me that he loves me and i tell him that i love him too....i think im ready but i need to know if he is or not because i dont want to cuddle until hes ready but i hope its not to long because if not i dont know weather to end our relationship with each otherHow to tell your boyfriend you to cuddle him?
Errrm, well I'm 18 so I guess it was easier with my ex boyfriend. But are you talking about a school environment? Because in the work environment, I would start out by holding his hand, and then we'd both slowly just lean in and I'd play with his hair or something like that. Another time we were sitting at lunch and I just linked his arm and leaned into him for the whole lunch hour. When we were at his house we'd just hold hands and gradually move closer. Except we were too shy to hold hands. So he'd start tickling my hand, then we'd start holding hands. Then we'd sort of edge closer during TV shows and playing with his hair and stuff helps. Wow, he used to be so naive. How I miss that guy...

So just do small steps like that and you'll eventually cuddle.

Good luck!How to tell your boyfriend you to cuddle him?
I Think That you shoulndt tell him. Just Have a romantic moment 2gether. make-out for a while then get secluded in an area that no one is watching u at and then start touching- and u can see that it'll all go on from there.

Anyway u have 2 throw on some serious questions at him example:Would u be at my bedside if i was in a coma? But not all the time. Even tho im a dude I know how this stuff. If u dont want 2 do it or ur afraid, just wait till ur married. He also might just want some pu**y as well so yea. Have fun and use protection
Me and my boyfriend cuddle all the time, when you pass him just give him a quick hug, in the school hallway is a good place! This will eventually lead to sitting down in the form room and cuddeling. that's how we started !
Is this a troll?

You can't have dated for 2 years and never cuddled.

Unless you're like....8.
';Cuddle me or I'll dump you.';
slowly lean on his shoulder SLOWLY! u dont want to scare him

then just go from there SLOWLY

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