Monday, August 9, 2010

Would you be mad if your boyfriend ditched you on new years eve?

first of all my boyfriend told me he didnt want to be with me on our 1 year anniversary.. because he was mad at me, and thought we should broke up. then we got back together and a few weeks go by and its new years eve. i slept over his place the night before new years eve, and when he dropped me off at my place in the morning he said we would find something to do together that night. later that night comes and he says he doesnt wanna come get me. the truth is, he lives about an hour away, though i was willing to take a bus and meet him half way, which makes it 30 min. away. he has a car and i dont... anyways, there was a snowstorm too. but i told him we made plans and i wanted him to stick to them. he said he'd call me back in 20 min..

an hour later no call. so i call him and say are you coming? he says he'll try and find a party for us to go to and that he'd call me back in 15 min..

another hour goes by.... i call him again. i say do you want me to just leave you alone? and hes like yeah kinda.. because he was at his boy's house drinking. who lives in his town. they were drinkin and playing video games at his friends house. so i hang up cause im pretty angry at this point its about 8:00 pm and the last bus already left so i couldnt meet him halfway anymore cuz he took this long to make his mind up!

then i call him about an hour later and i tell him how i feel. and hes like ok i'll meet you in ___ (the town thats our halfway point) and we'll find something to do. my mom was gonna give me a ride, but then she said noo she was going to the movies instead. i told my bf i couldnt do that, and he said he wasnt driving all the way to my house cause he didnt feel like it.

later that night he came over at like 1:30 AM just to cuddle and fool around and go to sleep.....

he thinks i shouldnt be mad because he did come to see me.

my question is would YOU be mad if this happened to you? do i have a right to be mad? he basically blew me off on a holidayWould you be mad if your boyfriend ditched you on new years eve?
Yeahh id be mad at him!Would you be mad if your boyfriend ditched you on new years eve?
you definitely have the right to be MAD. if i were you i wouldn't have let him in he would freeze his a** off for what he did to me. don't let him get to you girl you must be in control.
you guys both sound relatively young.

he just sounds very immature and lazy, you picked the type of guy who puts himself first.
just break it off sounds like an asshole
I would honestly be extremely pissed, and after two times of being a dick i would be done with that. Break up with him before you get stuck in a bad relationship.
Yeah, I'd be mad. Sounds to me like he just blew you off until he wanted sex. And when he wanted it bad enough, he came to you. But that's just my opinion.
I would be so flippin mad--hey... when he comes over one night, castrate him for me, please?

even my boyfriend ditched all other plans to be with me and we rented a nice suite hotel and had tons of fun... went grocery shopping and cooked dinner in our hotel room and drank.. plus we talked and had tons of fun... lol...
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